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01 WORK PLATFORM The main issues
Who can become a customer of the company?

Anyone who has come of age can become a client of the platform. Excluding residents of Australia, Canada, USA and Japan.

How to become an investor?

In order to become an investor, you need to register on the platform website, transfer funds to a personal account in your private office and create an investment deposit.

For what purpose are deposits from individuals accepted?

Additional investments will increase the number of transactions made by us in the market, and, as a result, it will increase overall profitability. Investors, in turn, will get a certain percentage of profit depending on the amount of invested funds and the result of successful trading transactions.

What are investor guarantees?

In addition to profitability, investing involves a certain risk, and each investor should be well aware of this. Lavish4you specialists make 97% of successful transactions due to to experience and successful strategies that are designed to minimize risks and achieve success with the best professionals.

How secured is my personal account and my funds from malicious activities?

The platform takes all security measures to protect personal data as well as the money of partners. The security and encryption systems and algorithms used today are the best. Lavish4you values the safety of its partners' funds and its reputation. The user is solely responsible for the safety of the account details for access to account management (login and password).

Does the platform have affiliate bonuses?

Yes, we have developed a company’s marketing, which is aimed at the global development and scaling of the company worldwide. That is why Lavish4you has developed a flexible reward system for our partners which also provides various career strategies and incentives for active partners. You can read more details in the "Affiliate Program" section on our website.

Can I register multiple accounts in my name?

Registration of several accounts per name (multi-accounts) is prohibited. Only one personal account in a company can be registered in the name of an individual. The platform reserves the right, in exceptional cases, to request confirmation of the identity of the account holder.

Can I register relatives who want to be investors?

This is possible, but only on condition that the persons registering such accounts will manage them independently and on their own behalf. The use of the same details of the payment system on different accounts is prohibited. It is also preferable to use different IP addresses to enter in accounts.

02 WORK PLARFORM Financial issues
What electronic payment systems does the platform work with?

The platform works with several payment systems such as PerfectMoney, Payeer, VISA/MASTERCARD, LTC, BTC and ETH. In the future, additional payment systems will be added.

How often can I withdraw money from the platform?

A request for withdrawal of funds is possible every Friday. The receipt of funds, according to the regulations, is 5 working days.

How is profit charged?

Profit is accrued on business days due to the fact that exchanges do not work on weekends. The first accrual occurs 24 hours after the creation of the investment.

What is the minimum amount to replenish?

The minimum deposit amount is 10 USD (United States dollar). When replenishing the balance in a currency other than the dollar, the funds are automatically converted to USD.

What is the minimum amount to withdraw funds from the account balance?

The minimum amount to withdraw funds from the account balance is 10 USD (United States dollar).

In what currency is the investment created?

Investments on the platform are created in USD (United States dollar). When depositing funds in a currency other than the one accepted for circulation, automatic conversion occurs at the time the funds are credited.

Does the platform charge fees for operations?

3.5% commission is charged when withdrawing funds from the platform.

Are there any features in the work of the bonus program?

The bonus program is activated and starts to work only if you have an active deposit. In the absence of a working deposit, bonuses will not be awarded.

How long does it take a replenishment of the balance on the platform?

Crediting funds to the balance of your personal account can take up to 24 hours.

Are there any features when transferring cryptocurrency to the platform?

When transferring cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to create an application for replenishing the balance in your personal account, indicating the desired amount. Next, you will be redirected to the cryptocurrency acceptance page, where you can see the wallet address and the amount that must be transferred to this wallet. The time from the moment of creation of the application to the transfer of funds should not exceed 10 minutes. In case of questions, you can always turn to us for help.

Are there any features when working with bank cards?

When replenishing the balance with bank cards in the CIS, the commission of the bank that issued the card may be charged, as well as the commission of the payment aggregator. The maximum amount for replenishment is about $ 780, which is the equivalent to 50,000 Russian ruble. The amount varies, depending on the exchange rate.

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